Control Your Bedroom Light (Yeelight) with Amazon Alexa (Echo)

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I had a problem. How to control my bedroom light. In another word, I always had to get up and turn off my bedroom light if I want to switch off my bedroom light. So I was looking for a solution to control my bedroom light with Amazon Alexa over voice. I bought Amazon Alexa one year back. It was so helpful for me like  knowing the time in the dark. But all the smart bulbs available out there only work in 110V and they are not usable in Sri Lanka.


Xiaomi Yeelight White

I recently bought Xiaomi Yeelight from Ebay. There are several versions of Yeelights you can buy from Ebay. Yeelight white, color or there is a cool cylindrical Yeelight that you can keep on your table. You can not only switch on or off your light but you can change the level of the brightness of your bulb as well.  It is a smart bulb that you can buy it around $14 which can work with 240V. But I was not sure whether I can use it with Amazon Alexa. I tried workarounds. It halfway worked with Alexa, but not every time. I was looking for a solution that I can connect Yeelight directly with Amazon Alexa.

Then I found this post, which you can directly connect Amazon Alexa with the YeeLight. Cool! But first you need to make sure to select Singapore server before connecting your Wifi network with the Yeelight.

So now I can control my Light with Alexa as below video. The best thing is you can configure it with IFTTT to automate your light bulb. Yeelight support that also.

If you are looking for a smart bulb that can be used in Sri Lanka, Xiaomi Yeelight is a very good option that you can buy around Rs 2000/=.

Here how I control my bed room light with Alexa.



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